About Aviatrix Arts
Here at Aviatrix Arts we strive to create unique works that capture the imagination. All of the works you see here were hand-crafted and painstakingly produced using various techniques. Once a piece is completed on paper or other media, it is then scanned by a high resolution scanner. At this point, our production engineer works to create highly color-accurate reproductions (prints). These prints are made using pigment inks on fine art papers printed by our partner company, Avea Photo. Each paper we use is profiled with a spectrophotometer. This allows us to make perfect color-accurate prints on any media. Our goal is to provide you with a product that is gallery-ready that will last a lifetime. Take a look at our shop, and find a piece of inspiration to share with your friends and family.


About The Artist
My name is Daphne Powers, I am an illustrator and a storyteller. I’ve had my nose buried in one book after another since I learned to read, and I always have found my imagination drawn into new worlds with each story. As a child, the stories I read built worlds that seemed to exist just beyond my reach, and nothing was impossible. Worlds such as these can endure in a person throughout their life, which makes the stories, in a sense, alive. I create images that express these living words to remind myself and anyone else who loves stories that what we see day to day is not all there is: we can imagine more.

I work chiefly with watercolor, inks, and digital painting in Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. I like to showcase the beautiful textures of paper, the clear crisp appearance of color in liquid form, and the little details that let you gaze at an image over and over with that sense of exploration.


About The Production Engineer
Nate Powers is our Production Engineer. Having a professional pre-press engineer makes the difference between a reproduction and gallery print. Nate has been working in the graphic arts industy since the days of photgraphic film and carbon-arc printing plates. Nate makes sure that nothing leaves our shop unless it passes all of the quality checks. In addition, he also builds and manages our web properties insuring that all of our current and future customers have access to the best online experience possible.


About Our Partner Company, Avea Photo

Avea Photo is a graphic arts company that is devoted to the highest quality products. They specialize in commercial printing and analog photographic systems. We partnered with Avea because we want the best for our customers. Avea shares our same passion for delivering the finest quality works possible.



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